Launch of ‘Una vida sin límites’ on Coral Gables

6 febrero, 2019 |by support | 0 Comments | blog

On Sunday, February 3, I launched my book in Coral Gables (Florida), and I also gave a lecture after the launch.

I appreciate the welcome, kindness and attention they have given me by giving me the opportunity to hold the conference and promote my book.


Una vida sin límites, launch of my book

5 noviembre, 2018 |by support | 0 Comments | blog

In October I traveled to Ecuador invited to give conferences and I could also to start launch of my book. I appreciate all the affection, fondness and wonderful reception offered.


Special appreciation granted by Guayaquil City Hall

23 octubre, 2018 |by support | 0 Comments | blog |

Special appreciation granted by the mayor of Guayaquil, Ab. Jaime Nebot, in an act that took place on October 23rd of the present year. It’s a tribute to the career and merit of Maria Cecilia’s perseverance


The memories of María Cecilia Santos are recognized in the book

22 octubre, 2018 |by support | 0 Comments | blog

Maria Cecilia has a commitment with several charities to which she donates with the proceeds of the donations received during her free motivational talks


The life without limits of María Cecilia Santos

19 octubre, 2018 |by support | 0 Comments | blog

My brain occupied 30% in the vision, now I have 30% more than all of you in my other senses,” said Maria Cecilia Santos generating laughter in all those who attended the Blue Room of San Francisco University. “A life without limits” is the first book of the artist and lecturer


An everlasting light into darkness

6 diciembre, 2017 |by support | 0 Comments | blog |

I paint that I feel at the moment or even my memories, when I had vision. At first, Maria Cecilia didn’t accept that condition. Currently, she has given more than fifty motivational talks in which she tells his story and how she was able to get ahead.

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